[VOTE] rubocop Rails/HttpStatus - disable cop or switch to prefer numeric

currently, rubocop is complaining about code like this:

render :whatever, :status => 200

That’s because the Rails/HttpStatus cop defaults to the symbolic setting, meaning only :status => :ok is considered correct.

I don’t like that, I think the numeric HTTP status codes are well-known, as opposed to the symbols, which have to be looked up here.

Thus: proposing to disable the cop, or to change the default setting to numeric.
(As @NickLaMuro mentioned, consistency is a good thing, so we may not want to mix both styles.)

If you have opininons, please vote in https://github.com/ManageIQ/guides/pull/363.
(The vote is split into 2 questions: root comment is about not complaining on numbers, the first comment is about complaining on symbols.)