Voting on the Name of the "D" Release

Vote for the D-Release!!!

We are closing in on the final Capablanca release. So, it’s time to think about how we will name the D-Release. In keeping with our nomenclature of using chess grandmasters and world champions as release names, here are the proposed names for the D Release:

Arthur Dake
Klaus Darga
Arnold Denker
Josif Dorfman
Mark Dvoretsky

Vote for your favorite by responding to this post! You are welcome to write in any player you want (as long as their last name starts with the letter D) - the above are just suggestions. Here are the top 100 active players and all grandmasters - past and present.

Note that you must reply to this thread to vote. Clicking on the link does not tally a vote, it just shows how many times the link was clicked. :smile:

Votes entered by Tuesday, November 17 will be tallied and the D name will be announced at the Sprint Review on Wednesday, November 18.

Dake (from my home town)

You go Dake!

Dake - Checkmate from Oregon



Dake Check Mate!



Dragon - without a doubt!

Since nobody on ‘D’ is a world challenger my choice is Mark Dvoretsky - the best chess trainer I ever knew. GB

Dvoretsky because he passed along his knowledge as a trainer.

Dragon is not a name of a player. But it is a very famous chess opening.

I’ll go with Drake

@gtanzillo By Drake, do you mean Dake?


Oldrich Duras

Oldrich Duras

I like Denker, Dorfman, and Darga… Dake seems too easily misread

@chessbyte, take me out of the voting… I can’t even spell Dake :grin: