We are adding clouds to manageiq it's not adding?

Hi Team,

We are adding clouds(AWS, AZURE, GCP AND OPENSTACK) to manageiq it’s showing invalid credentials.
But credentilas is correct.
Please help on this topic.

Error details:

Credential validation was not successful: Login failed due to a bad username or password.

Hi Team,

Any one help with me.

Could you please provide more details how exactly you are adding cloud providers? Does user have sufficent permissions?

I am Tring all the clouds aws, gcp, azure and openstack.

This is error.

In my experience 90% of problems in IT are caused by time synchronisation, name resolution or LACP bonding :slight_smile:

Check your appliance’s time is accurate, that it has a hostname, that DNS is working. It’s slightly bizarre if you’re getting this error to all cloud providers.