Webmks based console is not available

Hi, thanks to all community, i’m able to access console on VMware 6.5 clusters (SDDK HTML webmks).
issue with VNC resolved / endpoint rhttpproxy on ESXi resolved too. Thks !

With several VMs, we are not able to acces VM console through webmks. The browser displays ‘webmks based console is not available because the VM does not meet the minimum required vSphere APi version’. If i move the VM on one other cluster with other ESXi 6.5, it’s working fine. Any ideas ?


The webmks console must be downloaded from vmware and then installed on each ui appliance.


Hi, thks for your reply but i have only one gapri appliance for all vcenters. I have some esxi from the same vcenter work fine wheras other displays error message. Is there any evm log message i can search for ?

Resolved with new ova version hammer

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