WebUI adapted to mobile devices

The application is accessed through a web UI that doesn’t require additional plugin, and that is really great.

But it does not fit usage on a mobile device, such as a mobile phone or a tablet. Even laptop made for travel (mostly 13"-ish and less that 1.5kg) struggle when displaying the application because of a lack of pixels: mine is only 768px high, so I have to enable fullscreen mode in browser to see some elements.

So a CTO who would like a quick glance at his services before going to sleep, and who does not want to power on his computer, will be greatly desappointed when thrying to load the application on a mobile phone or tablet.

Maybe a progressive enhancement strategy could be implemented to address this need and help CTOs have a good nights rest.

@epwinchell Can you speak to this? I know you’ve done a lot of work already to adapt to mobile devices, specifically the iPad, so I’m surprised at what @fdupont has mentioned.

I didn’t try with an iPad : I just have an old Samsung tablet in 1024x768. And also a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini. And downscaling is not working.

@fdupont We officially support a minimum 1280px width browser, but are making continual efforts to render well at 1024px.

In the coming months, we will be replacing our layout technology and will be working with the Red Hat UX team to redesign the layout of many areas of the product. At that time, I expect we will evaluate the demand for tablet and mobile support.

Thanks @epwinchell. I confirm the interest in a mobile/tablet layout, as almost all the people I showed ManageIQ asked if it were available :wink: Concerning Red Hat UX, are talking about aligning against Patternfly ?

@fdupont We are working continually to incorporate Patternfly elements into ManageIQ. The effort with UX will be to develop new, more complex, layout patterns for ManageIQ that can be, presumably, incorporated into the Patternfly project.