WebUI and object incoherence - how to get rid of a specific object? Solved + possible bug detected


I was creating a couple of basic buttons to trigger some ansible playbooks. While creating one of such buttons, an error poped out and now in the WebUI an object is showing (the one I was creating when the error emerged), that I cannot edit or remove.

Could anyone please tell me how to get rid of this button via CLI? (the button is highlighted on the image, and as you can see is not even showing in the box next to it).


Thank you very much!

Ok. Nevermind i guess. I think i removed it, although I’m not sure if it is the best option to do it like this:


source /etc/default/evm

/bin/rails db

Checking existing buttons to identify the one I want to remove:
select id,name,description from custom_buttons;
1000000000001 | Añadir atributo | Añade un atributo personalizado a las VMs seleccio
1000000000003 | Actualiza vim & screen | Instala o actualiza vim & screen
1000000000002 | Instalar 7-zip | Instala 7-zip

Removing the entry matching my button:

delete from custom_buttons where id = 1000000000003;

The button is not showing anymore in the WebUI, so I’ll try to recreate it. Not sure if this way of erasing it leaves traces or references in other places…


So the error happens everytime I try to create a button with certain conditions. I recorded the process which you may see here https://youtu.be/BK5uhoXMO4I

I want that button to be visible only for centos and red hat linux VMs, so while building that expression I always face this problem. Thing is that the problem not only affects how I can (or can’t) use/edit/remove that button once created, but also other components. In the video you can see how I can’t even “enter” a VM, until I remove from CLI the problematic button.