What are the Bind DN and Bind Password? What are the username and password while creating group?

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I really loved the guys over here. They are helping a lot.

I have one more question here, could you please help me out

  1. what exactly are the Base DN, Bind DN and Bind password here?

2)Which password and username should be while creating the LDAP look up group?

Base DN, is the path where search will occur
Bind DN and Bind password are login/password of an LDAP user that can access base DN

Username and Password for LDAP group look up are usually the same as Bind DN/Bind Password, most of the time you have a service account for that

Thank you LorkScorguar.

I am having the Admin credentials. I am still getting this error
“Error during ‘LDAP Group Look Up’: Bind failed for user xxxxxx”.

I would like to know why this error is popping up, when I am giving Admin privileges(Admin is like top of the hierarchy, he should be able to look into each and every group) in LDAP group lookup.

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Hi @geek-man

Can you clarify which (1 of 5 approaches of) authentication you trying to implement ?
And which miq version you are using ?


I am using the LDAP in CloudForms 4.5 not the ManageIQ.

I did what exactly the guy in the video does.

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Hi @geek-man,

I am using sssd+AD approach and was able to have miq gapri-1 work with our AD server.

Thanks for the RH CF youtube URL. I watched this 10 minutes video and it is very good intro video but missing many configuration details I would suggest follow miq ldap doc, or find the co-responding doc for 4.5 CFME on RH doc site.

Especially, read sections after “Testing SSSD Updates”, make sure you login cfme server to run those dbus-send check commands and see the error messages from sssd.