What determine the axies of a report chart?

I have searched the documentation and can’t find any mention of what determine the axis of a reports chart if you enable the chart.

I am trying to make a very specific chart but can’t figure out how to do it. The chart its generating is not using the columns from my report that I want it to but I can’t find an option to specify which columns to use for the axis and data points.

The only note I have found is:

Use Choose a chart type to select a type of chart. Note that some charts may not produce the result you are looking for based on the types of fields in the report and its sort order.

Blue Skies,

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Specifically I have a column with vCPU totals per host per tag.

I want to do a stacked bar chart with the x axis being the tag, the y axis being the total vCPUs and the series being the host. that way i can easily visualize the total number of vCPUs per tag and then the stacked bars let me see the total number of vCPUs per host.

When I try to do this though, rather then using the vCPU column for the y axis, it is using the count of hypervisors per tag.


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