What is physical_servers db table for?


  • if I run following command , I only see entries from lenovo xclarity provider.
vmdb_production=# select * from physical_servers;
  • Question : Why I don’t see entries in “physical_servers” table that are from VMWare ESX and OpenStack hardware nodes ?

@tjyang I think you’re looking for hosts.

physical_servers is for servers under physical infrastructure providers, such as Lenovo’s.

@himdel, thanks for the quick response.
I now do see the hardware entries from my ESXi server. Should OpenStack farm’s hardware nodes be in “hosts” table also ?

No problem :).

Should OpenStack farm’s hardware nodes be in “hosts” table also ?

I do have an ManageIQ::Providers::Openstack::InfraManager::Host entry in my hosts table… so sounds like that should be one of those, right? (Sorry, I have 0 experience with OpenStack itself.)

I will report back later once I resolved my openstack smartstate analysis issue

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PhysicalServer is quite a new table. Up until now we have populated items such as Host mainly though referring to the hypervisor. GuestDevice I believe would refer to the hardware that the hypervisor was running on.

Since adding Lenovo as part of the new Physical Infrastructure provider type, we’ve had to expand our definitions.