What is the correct dev setup documentation guide?

it looks as there are 2 guides for developers, it seems confusing.
What is the more correct one/can they be consolidated?
thank you

the links in question:

Thanks for pointing that out. The /community/ doc is probably out-of-date, although I’ll defer to the devs on here for further info. But my guess is that the dev setup guide is more up-to-date.

@Fryguy @jhardy @bascar - which doc is canonical?

I can only say that the “install-from-source” link works on linux.

the “developer_setup” has “install xchat” and install nice fonts which are irrelevant to manageiq setup, it also has a “setup for mac” section without setup for other OS section.
It also has a typo: “Go to ManageIQ/mangeiq”

The developer_setup.md from here is canonical from dev perspective: https://github.com/ManageIQ/guides . There is also a couple other developer setup docs there for specific cases. That is the one we update, though, admittedly, it does need Mac setup instructions, which have been a TODO item for us.

The guides are already mirrored at http://manageiq.org/documentation/development/ , though that link has still not been exposed from the base community page. I’m not sure why there is a different doc on the website for setup. I think it’s confusing. It should probably be tossed and we should point to the guides location or the mirror.

this is also a related question: