What is the difference between an Retired, Archived, and Orphaned VMs? [SOLVED]

I can not find in the documentation what the difference between a Retired, Archived, and Orphaned VM is. Can someone give me a run down?

The ManageIQ Insight guide on page 57 has the descriptions of each state.


@jcarter Thank you! But that still leaves some questions:

Retired: Virtual Machine has been retired
That is a rather self referential definition that does not provide much clarity.

Archived: Virtual Machine has no Host or Datastore associated with it.
Does this mean that the VM does not have a host and also does not have a datastore, or that it either does not have a host or it does not have a datastore?

Disconnected: Virtual Machine is disconnected.
Another self referential definition.

Any incite on any of these?

Retired means a couple of things:

  1. When the VM enters retirement it throws a synthetic error in Automate to /System/Event/vm_retired
  2. The VM is then retired and ManageIQ updates the attribute (vm.retired = true)
  3. ManageIQ will not allow a retired VM to start/power on (this is all handled under the covers and is not exposed in automate).

Archived means:
The VM has no host and no datastore.

Orphaned means:
The VM that was once in the providers (vCenter’s) inventory has been removed but still exists on the storage.

Disconnected means:
To the best of my knowledge this only happens when the networking goes down between the host and or storage.

Hope this helps!


Thanks @ramrexx that is very helpful. That Archived wording in the documentation is not clear at all.

@ramrexx @itewk Can you tell me what are the use-cases for Archived and Orphaned Instances ? If someone has deleted the Instances so that instance shown in Archived ?

In the past we have requirements from customers to retain the metadata about a VM. It was mainly for compliance reasons i.e. PCI, SOX, HIPPA, etc. I got this from the Red Hat website: https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-us/red_hat_cloudforms/4.6/html-single/managing_infrastructure_and_inventory/

Orphaned: An orphaned virtual machine has no host but has a datastore associated with it. Orphaned virtual machines are those that have been removed from their providers but still exist on the storage. An orphaned virtual machine is unable to identify the associated host. A virtual machine also shows as orphaned if it exists on a different host than the host expected by the provider’s server.

Archived: An archived virtual machine has no host or datastore associated with it. Archiving is done to move virtual machines to a low cost storage, either on demand or during retirement, if requested, to avoid incurring extra cost on a virtualized infrastructure due to virtual machine sprawl.

Hope this helps.

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