What should we do with orphaned and archived vms?

We have change our vcenter (remove 5.1 one, and add 5.5 one). All vms/datastore/cluster/esx from 5.1 are now on 5.5.

In CF 4.1, alls vms are in orphaned and archived folders. They are too in provider/datacenter folder.

Can we remove all vms in orphaned/archived folder from vmdb?

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@gquentin, I am testing out MIQ and ran into this question also.
I added two vcenter providers and later on I deleted them. Now all their VMs are in archive folder.

They are kept around in case you ever wanted to report on them. Could be for historical data such as cpu, mem, etc…or auditing purposes. Resllt depends on the use case.

@jdeubel,it would be good if orphaned and archived can be deleted from webGUI.

You can remove orphaned and archived VM’s
Just select one or multiple VM’s go to Configuration and select “Remove selected items”

@Mike_Hulsman, thanks for the pointer.
Following is the successful screenshot.

The actual 4 unbuntu images were selected for deletion

if you don’t mind, here is another question.
How can I have the archived GUI to refresh ? The deleted VMs always shown under Archived folder.

Left to the Configuration “Button” there is a "Reload current display"
Deletion can take some time, after a while when you click the reload, the deleted VM’s will disapear.

yes, that was first thing what I did to reload current display. But it is still showing deleted archived VMs.

Wondering what will be a reasonable time to wait ?

You can see in the tasks what is happening.
Here you can see the destroyed VM’s

Mine looks like this, no tasks at all. Looks like I have a mis-configuration somewhere.

Try looking in your log files
vmdb;cd logs;grep destroy evm.log

Are you logged in as an admin user ?

I was login as admin user. I didn’t get a chance to grep the evm.log file. But it works after I rebooted the appliance from appliance_console.

See the screenshot below, “Task name” with host name got snipped.

I will build another POC using newer version appliance. Version euwe-2.20170404101226_e286988 doesn’t have provider plugin for Lenovo xclarity.

This thread should be closed on the matter of original subject.
Again thanks for @Mike_Hulsman’s help to newbie like me.

Good to hear it is resolved.