When OpenStack Swift is not present: Error undefined method `each' for nil:NilClass,


When OpenStack Swift is not present in the installation, it seems that MIQ adds the provider but you get and error while authorization.

Shouldn’t we check that the Sweift provider is there before adding it?

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Hi Sergio. Which version of MIQ are you testing against? Yes, we should check that the provider is there before adding it. It sure looks like the latest code does exactly that.

I am using different versions in two different environment. most of them latest Euwe.

But it is quite possible that the provider was added before the changes in code and now it is still there.

Hi Jerry. I saw this on Euwe1-RC2, but I cannot reproduce, as we upgraded OpenStack with Swift.

Hi all,

checking if Swift provider exist before adding it would solve issue I reported month ago (Openstack - deactivate discovery (refresh) for object-store).

Issue tested and still exist on CFME 5.7 RC (I know there would be difference to Euwe).

Sergio - would it be possible to get access to the environment in question? Thanks much.

Hi Vaclav,

I deleted the Swift Provider that Sergio was discussing in this thread and re-ran provider refresh and do not see any of the errors you see in your fog.log on this Euwe appliance.

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Hi Sergio,

I saw your authentication errors but I re-ran the authentication check against the Openstack provider and they went away. I also deleted the Swift Manager and I do not see any errors when I run provider refresh against the Openstack provider. I also note that the Swift Manager is not re-added to the appliance by the refresh. As you say it might have been that the provider was added before the changes to the code base.

@sergio_ocon do you have swift listed in OpenStack endpoints? (OpenStack CLI ‘keystone catalog’). If it’s not installed, it needs to be removed from a Keystone catalog, otherwise we take it as it’s present but broken (the endpoint probably timeouts)

Thanks @jerrykbiker and @ladas. I am glad is fixed.