Which cloud management capabilities belong with ManageIQ and which with OpenStack

I’m new to both - OpenStack and ManageIQ.
I was given a task of implementing a fully automated self-service private cloud, based on ManageIQ running on top of OpenStack.
A typical scenario, which I will need to put together involves creating a compute bundle for a fictional application’s dev environment. Such bundle would involve a couple of Web server images, an app server, and a database server. All these images would need to be tagged together as a “Dev” unit. The user should be able to “order” such Dev unit bundle with a minimum amount of extra work, and have it up and running. Based on this basic set up, there should be one or two service catalogs: one that contains a collection of individual images, and one that contains bundles. I’m sure, this type of scenario is very typical, but, given 2-3 weeks to learn all of that, I would like to ask for some guidance from the experienced people on this forum. This first things, which I would like to understand is: which of the tasks involved belong with OpenStack, and which belong with ManageIQ. I’m talking about uploading the base OS images, creating a catalog (or two), listing individual images in the catalog, bundling a few images together as a “Dev Environment” unit, and presenting the user with a facility to provision such unit at once. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


On 12/13/2014 05:12 AM, Eugene Goldberg wrote: