Why by automate provision virtual machine slowly?

I working on cfme 5.6, there are several service items

For example: provision openstack/vmware vm, This is their service item and state machines

service item type is openstack

But I order this service item, use 30 minutes

Now I have a few questions

  1. How to optimize the service request process?

  2. In addition to the object walker, inspect the me, is there a better method of debugging in automate, For example, to set breakpoints to debugging.

  3. can i modify genrial worker count and memory to enhance the performance of the automate?

  4. Is there a better through the service item to provision a virtual machine?

thank very much

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@gmccullough can you review this question from @anyisalin and forward to a SME if necessary.

@anyisalin How slow do you see by comparing with a direct provisioning through OpenStack’s console UI? The automate provisioning needs to go through the approval process, and once the task starts as you observed it goes through all the steps in the state machine. Particularly it polls the status of the VM in OpenStack at a fixed interval. Finally it needs to refresh the provider. All the steps add up some additional time than a direct provisioning through the provider.In return you have more control of the provisioning workflow. But the major time should still spend on the VM creation.

In the end I solved this problem using the distributed architecture, I opened the multiple automate role, it’s fast, only need 2min. But still thank you very much