Why the miqbuilder user is needed when running manageiq from source?

What is the reason to create the miqbuilder user as part of setting manageiq from source in developer machine?

I believe the intent was to have a user own the database. The name of this user is unimportant as long as you use this value wherever it says miqbuilder. I don’t know the use cases of the install-from-source document to know if there were other reasons for this specific user.

but doesn’t the step 7e in that doc create and set role root to own th db?
it doesn’t seem anything db related mentions miqbuilder.

Ah, @abonas, you’re right. It appears the miqbuilder was added to run the app as a non-root user. The root postgres user is not the OS root user and is added in 7e to match up with the username we have in our default rails database configuration file.

If you find errors, areas unneeded, or things that break using this setup, please do file issues/pull requests, add discussions here or ask in #manageiq on freenode.


I filed an issue https://github.com/ManageIQ/manageiq.org/issues/202