Windows/CentOS VM provisioning using VMware cspec/template

I am new to ManageIQ. We are trying to automate our builds using Manageiq for Vmware provider. There are 2 separate cspecs and templates for CentOS and Windows 2012. I created dialog everything works if I select CentOS Template under service catalog items --> catalog Name: --> Template for CentOS or Windows (it works one or the other as it does not let me pick more than one template name) and pick their respective customization names from VMware. How do I setup this up and dialog where I would either pick CentOS or Windows and it would deploy VM per OS type; instead of creating separate dialogs for CentOS and Windows.

Also second question, I see lot of talks on sysprep for Windows VM from ManageIQ. Vmware handles sysprep wihtin when a VM gets deployed from VMware template not sure if there is sysprep required.

any taker?

We handle this situation with 2 separate Catalog Items. You can still share the Dialog (aka the UI part) between the Catalog Items, since the VM-Template and CustomizationSpec are selected on the Catalog Item.

Regarding sysprep: I think ManageIQ does not do the actual sysprep. However it will tell VMware the values VMware should use when applying the CustomizationSpec

Regarding the original question on how to do it in a single Catalog Item, I think you continue on the other thread (Overriding Service Template VM Template?). Or is there a difference I did not get?

thanks much buc. yes we are testing with 2 different catalog items.