Windows customization: Product-ID


When specifying a service-item (vmware -> windows) and use customization, why Product-ID is mandatory ? on vmware spec it isn’t and nowadays many use KMS or similar to put that key…

is there a way to make it optional, so you can leave it empty ?

The provisioning dialogs are customizable. From the UI goto Automate -> Customziation -> Provisioning Dialogs (left nav).

Modify the dialog and change the required flag to false for the sysprep_product_id field.

        :description: ProductID
        :required_method: :validate_sysprep_field
        :required: true
        :display: :edit
        :data_type: :string

Yeah, but which one it use when you are creating a new service item (vmware type) ? I thought that all those are just samples as name says…

Automate is used to select the dialog and the same resolution is run if you are doing template provisioning or creating a vendor based service item.

You will want to copy the dialog and modify it and then will need to modify the Profile instance in automate to return the new dialog name.

You can read more about it here: