Windows OS customization

I am trying to build VM in Vsphere and Amazon provider.
If I build VM in vsphere and upload sysprep file and specify static IP then VM is built from a template but IP address is not set and sysprep file is ignored (VM is not customized)

I watched /var/www/miq/vmdb/log/automation.log but didn’t see any error or some information related to sysprep.

If I try to build VM in Amazon then I can’t see any available customize template in the provisioning form.

Manageiq is new for me. I would appreciate any help or link to documentation regarding the Win OS customization. (I use capablanca-1.20160104153846_d9bbf5f version)


@Karel, Windows on VMware I recommend you use VMware’s customization spec rather than Sysprep to do guest customization in ManageIQ. Customization spec needs to be configured in vCenter first and after you create it refresh the provider.

In terms of customization of windows in Amazon I’m not sure. I’ll need to do some research to figure that out.

Brandon, thanks for feedback.

Generally I looking for a way how to rename VM hostname, Set Static IP and install PE Agent with some parameters that I would like to provide as values from ManageIQ provisioning form. I need to set various Puppet master for built VM.

@Karel, did you manage to solve this problem? I am interested to know since I am going to do the same. Thanks.