Windows Provisioning via VMware Template - issues with IP assignment

Having an issue in getting static IP to windows VM.
I have created a catalog and Guest customization template in VMware following
I have external IPAM DB from where IP is assigned from miq.
I would like to know what do I need to specify in Guest Customization Wizard? Do I need to mentioned IPv4 setting as use following IP address or prompt the user for an IP address when the specification is used or DHCP?

I would also like to know what do i need to specify in Customize on the catalog? I have selected the guest customization which I created in Vsphere but no luck.

Could you please give some pointers? My objective is move from PXE provisioning which is successful to Clone based provisioning.

this is what I have
your provision option/dialog name value should be “ip_addr”
customization specification in vcenter should have nic1 set to static with prompt user for value selected
catalog item should have override specification values selected with static selected for ipaddress
ipaddress field should be blank. we put dns and suffix here also.

hope this helps

Hello IMD,
Thank you for your information.
I am receiving below error when provisioned as said above.
“Error: A specified parameter was not correct: spec.nicSettingMap.adapter.ip.ipAddress”.
I need to assign 2 IP addresses (Data and Backup).
Please let me know the logs I should look at.

That is a vcenter error. Are you passing ip_addr in your provisioning?miq_provision.get_option(:ip_addr) should return a value.
It could also be a misconfig in the vcenter specification. I would start with 1 NIC config to make sure its all working.

Hello IMD, Thank you very much for your update. Could you please let me know on how to validate whether IP is sent to vCenter in the correct format?
We have an external DB for IP addresses.