Working on ManageIQ to Nuage integration


I’m working with OpenStack using Nuage Network SDN (nonfree software) on top of Neutron.
I’ve made an automation script to manage Floating IP assignation.
It’s a first version, needs to be upgraded, but it’s working quite good on reserving and assigning FloatingIPs.
Where is the code:
If anyone is interested on ManageIQ-Nuage integration, please say something.


Hi @manel,

This is awesome, thanks! We’re definitely interested in Nuage support. However, I personally don’t know enough about it, so I’ve asked a couple other people to take a look.

@bascar and @jhardy, can you two take a quick look at this? Thanks!

Thanks again @manel!


Yes good spot, we are super interested. We have a number of things I would like to discuss with you, so can you pass me you direct email address please.

We have a ManageIQ depot forming, which would be very grateful of this integration, I think we could also swap use cases that we have on SDN, and even have Nuage possibly take a look at what you have.

many thanks

+1 I work at Nuage actually, so this is very interesting.

Agree a lot of our customer are interested in expanding functionality

There is a pull request on ManageIQ depot:

Hi @manel. I want to gain a lil knowledge about Nuage Integration with manageiq. Can I have your email address where I can reach you.