Writing a job qualifications document for a ManageIQ Administrator

I’m writing in hopes that you might be able to assist me in writing a job qualifications document for a CloudForms O&M administrator position.

We have a an automate codebase that consists of over 13,000 lines of custom Ruby code developed by Senior Red Hatters.

Our Systems Administration team is being asked to staff this position with a qualified candidate. Most of us have been in the SysAdmin role for over 20 years and few having desires to spend much time scripting/coding/in code (the reason why we took the SysAdmin career track in the first place vs. the software developer/programmer track). Could we learn Ruby to be sufficient in ongoing support - probably. That really isn’t the question though it is how much you enjoy dealing with code day in and day out.

If I were to write a bulleted PD for an ideal CloudForms O&M administrator here it would look like this:

  1.  -  Experience & background in software development (system administration background helpful, but not required)
  2.   - Strong knowledge of Ruby and Object-Oriented programming concepts and design
  3.   - Has experience in software integration roles heavily utilizing API’s
  4.   - Works well with Middleware teams and has some experience with JBoss and Tomcat
  5.   - Has attended RH CL220 class
  6.  -  Have a working knowledge of GiT version control software
  7.   - Able to understand and follow the concepts and instruction in the following:   https://pemcg.gitbooks.io/introduction-to-cloudforms-automation/content/

Thanks in advance for any assistance you are willing to provide.

@cfmeuser I would suggest, “the candidate should be passionate about open-source”. Perhaps as exhibited by their github account or some other public git repo.

Good luck in your search,…and I totally get your sysadmin/developer explanation.