Wy my ManageIQ integrated with Openstack is not getting refreshed?

Wy my ManageIQ integrated with Openstack is not getting refreshed? Previously refreshing was happening but after some migrations in openstack has happened. After then manageiq is not refeshing with openstack. No isntances from openstack i could see getting updated in manageiq. Please help me in this issue.

It might be worth re-validating your provider credentials. If you trigger a manual refresh from “Update Relationships and Power States” does it work?


@pemcg No still its not working. Even after manual refresh also its not working.

Did you click ‘Validate’ on the provider credentials to check that they are still valid?

Yes its validated, if not i couldn’t add the proivder

It’s often worth re-validating to see if anything has changed. This will also (re)confirm basic connectivity. For example change the password to something that you know is wrong, and confirm that validation gives an error. Then change it back and confirm that all is well.

Am getting this error in manageiq for refreshing. Is the problem from openstack ?

Which version of OpenStack?

AM using queens version

Is it Red Hat OpenStack? I’m not sure that ManageIQ is tested on any other distros (but I may be wrong on that)

The capabilities matrix only mentions Red Hat OpenStack Platform.


yes @pemcg its Red Hat Openstack

It would be helpful to provide details on the OpenStack deployment (RHOS version number if it is RH OpenStack), but based on currently available information, it looks to me that the issue could be cased by outdated/unknown inventory types in OSP orchestration service (Heat).

Does this error occur on a new added OpenStack Cloud provider or is it a provider which existed in MIQ from the time before OpenStack have been upgraded/migrated? If it is not a fresh one, does the error occur on a fresh added provider?

@aufi Thanks for the reply, the refreshing is not happening in freshly added provider. I removed the provider and added it again, but the problem remains the same. But an interesting update is that, it’s correctly fetching blockstorage details from openstack and it’s being perfectly updated accordingly. It’s not connecting with compute and network APIs

Thanks for info, then it is up to further debugging on your OpenStack environment and errors (with stacktrace) from evm.log file. Could you confirm the OpenStack version and distribution and if possible provide errors from log/evm.log file?

Sure Thanks @aufi , My open stack version is queens. And yes the problem resides in open stack but I couldn’t figure out what it is actually since am new to this open stack. I just removed and added new cloud provider, but now its totally not fetching any details, It just shows big zero. I’ve added a evm.log file as well as fog.log files after hitting the button “Refresh relationships and power states”. Evm log file detail differs after hitting refresh buttons, I’ve attached both .